Carlton Cosmetics produce skincare creams that contains pure Collagen for active skin renewal and re-balancing. The active collagen is harvested from wild and fresh Alaskan Salmon skin. Each cream is tested and manufactured to ensure that your skin receives the renewal properties from collagen, ensuring your skin becomes healthier and wrinkle free. Your skin will never feel so healthy and wrinkle free ever again. All Carton Cosmetics skin creams are 100% organic and manufactured in Seattle, USA. 


Improve elasticity and firmness of your skin while revitalising all cell functions

Less wrinkles

Collagen smooth out wrinkles and firms facial features, making you look younger

Pure Collagen

Hydrates and moisturizes while helping to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles

Made in the USA

Long-term benefits with continued use and made in Seattle, United States of America