Dear reader,

Sixteen years ago I emigrated from Poland to the United States to begin a new life with my family. While working and raising three children in Seattle and due to my sensitive skin that is allergic to any cosmetics that contain chemical ingredients, I decided to make my own face creams to ensure that I don’t get any more wrinkles.

Always being close to nature and my love for organic and natural products I decided to make something special and purely organic.

For the last 5 years I have been researching, developing and perfecting my own Collagen, made from the very best and fresh Alaskan Salmon. 

Owning my own company and running a household, while caring for exchange students from Asia, I mainly produced Collagen for personal use, and eventually ended up supplying all my family and friends.  But with my entrepreneurial drive I just could not sit back and not share this amazing product that I developed with the world.

In 2010 I formed Carlton Cosmetics (named after my sons) and started turning my hobby into a full-fledged business, my goal and dream is to produce a natural and organic collagen based skincare range that everybody can use and that will truly make a difference in bringing out beautiful skin in everyone.

With the help of Theunis Botha & Marius Bezuidenhout from Voolik Investment Partners, LLC and my son and business partner, Karl, I’m proud to launch the Carlton Co-Regeneration skin care range.

Every day I wake up and feel that my skincare products make somebody out there feel alive and more beautiful. 

Try our amazing range of Collagen based creams today and please e-mail me you thoughts,

With love,


Ryszarda Burnatowska
Founder & CEO

Photo of our Founder and CEO 
Ryszarda Burnatowska
Founder & CEO