At Carlton Cosmetics we harvest our own collagen from wild Alaskan Salmon and hand produce every one of our creams with the best organic oils, to ensure your skin looks and feels younger and more healthy.

Collagen is a structural protein of connective tissue that provides structure and support to our bodies. As it makes up 25% of the waterless mass of the human body, these amino acids also form the basis of support in ligaments, tendons, bones, and muscles. In the hair, nails and especially the skin, it provides the texture, resiliency and shapes' ones youthful image.

During a person’s younger years, the body continually discards old collagen and creates new collagen. After the age of 25, the body begins to lose its ability to create new collagen. The lack of new collagen leads to host of aging symptoms, such as fine lines, wrinkles, arthritis, and joint problems.

Polish scientists discovered that salmon fish collagen are more readily absorbed by the human skin are safe and help restore the elasticity of the skin.

The salmon collagen used in our products are extracted by hand at low temperatures, which preserves the structural integrity of the triple helix in which collagen is arranged, resembling the structure of human proteins.

Carlton has something new and unique to offer in our extensive range of collagen based skin care products and we only uses pure organic and wild Salmon Collagen that contains the elastin, protein, macro- and micro-elements of marine collagen.

Our products help your skin by:

  1. Revitalise all skin cell functions

  2. Deeply moisturise and lifts the skin

  3. Protects and strengthens the skins natural defense system

  4. Smooth’s out wrinkles and firms facial features

  5. Ensures instant skin brightness

  6. Inhibits and retards the skins aging process

  7. Regenerates weakened skin structure

  8. Strengthens collagen I, II and IV fibers as well as a elastin

  9. Successfully reduces both deep and superficial wrinkles

  10. Prevents the epidermis getting slack and reduces slagging appearance 

  11. Improves skin tension and elasticity

  12. Softens irritations, acts soothingly and protectively even on an excessively sensitive skin

Collagen extracted from fresh wild Alaskan Salmon